Specialists in tactical execution abound, but leaders know the business of marketing is more about people than process, which makes the challenge of knowing what to do next, greater than knowing how to do it.

That challenge is more difficult for those pioneering change – those who do what no-one has done and go where no-one has gone before. It requires agility, resilience and foresight. That’s when the experience of a diverse career spent at the forefront of change is indispensable.

As a proactive champion of change and innovation, I’ve successfully brought many firsts to market, from the latest in digital and technical innovation, to branded entertainment and new content formats. Today my work centres on connected customers, often in China, and the commerce, content, insights and facilities they’re driving as data, AI and intelligent solutions become more entwined in their lives.

The scope of my work has certainly been diverse, but marketing and business development are my strong suit and I have always been a harbinger of change. Essentially though, I’m a producer. I produce a path where there was none before. I produce communication to drive awareness, create desire and change behaviour. But most of all, I produce the desired result.

So, how can I help you change the world?

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