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What Are You Saying When You Say Nothing At All?

What Are You Saying When You Say Nothing At All?
Silence or stillness can be a tool or a trench when it comes to marketing communications.

Saying nothing can be more valuable or meaningful than blithely filling every available channel with noise. Just because you’re not saying anything, that doesn’t mean you’re not saying anything

Often proverbs and sayings, that capture simple wisdom and truths so efficiently and succinctly, can provide poignant insights into the action of silence or stillness. eg. “Actions speak louder than words” and “No action is an action, in and of itself'”.
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“Do Not Squander Time, It Is The Stuff Life Is Made Of”

Do Not Squader Time, It Is The Stuff Life Is Made Of”
How time spent living vicariously can affect the real world.

FB, twitter, Instagram, SnapChat, Pinterest etc. Are they tools or traps? They’re certainly very useful for the sharing of information and experience, but when overindulged, they can preclude the user from actually participating in real time in their own physical world. This can be a hugely disruptive influence – especially in terms of productivity.
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The Getting Of Wisdom.

‘There are thoughts’ – we all have them and they are what truly discern ourselves from each other, even more so than our physical being. They are the catalyst of change and at it’s most basic level, the business of marketing seeks to affect – our thoughts, and in so doing change our behaviour to elicit the desired result.

Think about it. Technology has given us tools to connect, but it’s our humanity that has always connected us. But society is changing, fostering a far more complex, informed and demanding consumer. Ironically though, empowered by choice and the economies afforded by technology, in many ways they’re actually disconnecting, from force fed content, from advertisers, politicians and communities.

Increasingly it’s the ability to think in multiple dimensions that is the preeminent quality required of those charged with charting the course.
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