As An Example:

Company: Cube Financial Group Ltd. (Cube). As a new entrant to the financial services market, newly regulated by AFSL and dominated by long established giants, Cube faced a ‘David and Goliath’ battle to establish their brand and business. Despite Cube’s comparatively minuscule budgets, today the Company is survived by its brand equity.

In this example, Kate Neale provided ALL the marketing services (without marketing support staff), including strategic business and brand development, creative execution and art direction on all marketing collateral, media planning and buying, copywriting and editorial, production co-ordination and management, promotions, event management and display stand creation and theming, public relations, design and management of website and CRM/database development, marketing materials library and archiving.



Kate created the position ‘Someone to watch over you’ in the knowledge trust was a major weakness of our competitors and on the understanding that after our health and loved ones, there’s nothing more important than our money.

Initiating the brand with a consistent presentation of logo, associated graphic icons and a bold blue graphic for a strong visual foundation across all materials to provide instant impact and recognition.

Kate introduced the theme ‘It’s a jungle out there’, which facilitated colour and movement to materials and a visual interpretation of key messages. Key graphic assets were library sourced, avoiding expensive production.

Continuity in presentation and tone was carefully guarded, while diversity was afforded in different product and launch campaigns eg. the exhibition display (twice Winner Best Stand – Investor Expo) used jungle aesthetics for cut through on the floor, while print ads reflected lifestyle imagery.

The ‘big guys’ had more money, but we had a different set of resources:

  • Ingenuity to get maxim effect for minimum cost
  • Intuitive and analytical skills to identify and attain a sustainable competitive position
  • Strong creative skills to drive the creative execution and art direction of all marketing materials, including strategic design and copywriting
  • Broad production skills to manage production of all marketing materials and activities from media buying, to promotions, client events and exhibitions
  • A small team passionate about building the business and results.

Cube created and introduced Australia’s first and most advanced conditional order system (used under license and later sold to E*Trade). Cube introduced Australia’s first CFD trading and advisory desk and also created ‘Stock Cubes’, the daily sharemarket information publication, in which the trade recommendations could claim 40%+ returns p/a for three consecutive years.

“I’m proud to say that as co-founder and marketing director, I helped Cube grow into an impressive innovative and diversified ASIC licensed (AFSL No 232455) financial services business on a strong foundation of customer service and technology.”

Cube offered share-trading services (online and broker assisted), financial planning, investor education and trader services (data, charting, analysis etc), each of which had their own marketing requirements individually and collectively.