Let Wanted Create, Produce, Distribute & Monetise Your

Original Content

How do you strategise the message and the medium for your target? What initiative will get your customers engaged and referring to others? Is it possible to offset the expense or even make money from the content I create? Where do I store and archive the library of content I’m creating? Wanted has the answers to these and many other pressing questions.

From brand driven content for any medium, to original program formats or social media content, Wanted collaborates with some of the best emerging new talent and the great seasoned and awarded campaigners, to deliver great creative content that connects with and engages your audience.

Call Wanted to discuss the many ways we can help you get contented today. Here are just few examples:

  • Create an original format customised to your target and objectives.
  • Feed your social media channels with fresh, relevant and valued content.
  • Monetise your content through license and distribution.
  • Subsidize and expand reach of your content as you collaborate with other suppliers or productions.
  • Syndicate, propagate, proliferate your content in co-production and supplier collaboration.
  • Tailor the content created to the audience, medium, event or season.
  • Create an engaging short-form series that captures your brand story.
  • Efficiently produce, archive and serve your content to best effect from $20 p/m.
  • Deliver a scripted presentation to camera that will truly affect the audience.