Hyundai Automotive Australia – For 12 years Wanted produced Hyundai Todai, the 40-page full-colour quarterly custom publication. Each issue 40,000 copies were printed and distributed nationally through dealerships and direct mail to the customer database.

Kate strategically designed the magazine to exploit the range of communication opportunities the magazine afforded, including announcing new product developments, release of new models, international news, customer feedback and goodwill enhancement through regular promotions and give-aways, after sales service, sales information and initiatives, extending the value of sponsorship, company and product information dissemination, consumer research and dealership promotion and support.

Working with a seasoned auto industry journalist, an excellent graphic designer and professional photographers, Kate identified and sourced editorial content, promotion partners and sold advertising inventory, conducted and analysed research campaigns and promotions, and managed editorial, art direction and production.

Over the years Wanted also produced many other marketing projects for Hyundai including the TLC loyalty campaign, customer promotions and research campaigns, plus the Chrysler Jeep magazine.

Despite several changes at Hyundai of advertising agencies, management and marketing personnel, Wanted produced the magazine exclusively throughout the 12 years on a contract that was renewed annually.

Roadshow Entertainment is a division of Village Roadshow and the licensed distributor of the Australian made Nightmare the Interactive Video Boardgame (known as Atmosfear in international markets).

This is an old but novel portfolio entry. The game famously outperformed the movie as Australia’s leading entertainment export at the time, having sold over 2.5 million copies in 17 countries, in seven different languages. Four sequels were launched from the original game, as well as the new digital generation of the game, also launched as Atmosfear.

Kate used an edited version of the video in the game to create an interactive and theatrical sell into the retail buyers. The novel approach and marketing plans delivered a great response from the buyers with orders exceeding forecasts.

To promote the launch of the sequels, Kate conceived, designed and produced a ‘Nightmare Game Play Tent’, which toured shopping centres nationally on a weekly roster. The campaign delivered 300% ROI and an AMI Award for Marketing Excellence (sales). Kate arranged sponsors for A/V equipment and prizes, managed the staff training and roster, hire vehicles, media and in store promotion.

Kate also expanded the original Nightmare on Halloween Dance Party concept from a one off event at Wonderland, into a national event hosted in theme parks simultaneously in each state. Kate managed all event management and production, co-ordination, event promotion, media sponsorship, talent and ticketing arrangements.

The event campaign delivered a second AMI Award for Marketing Excellence, this time in the event category and established the Nightmare brand as a ‘cool’ game among it’s difficult ‘tweenie’ audience.