Mankind has told its stories throughout the ages. Through fear mongering myths, moral driven fables, fairy tales of hope and romance, documentaries and promising advertisements, or tales that confer family history from one generation to another, it’s our stories that bind and affect us.

As marketing, media and production models dissolve, change shape and morph into one another, the sheer volume of content created has made great storytelling more important and valuable than ever.

Wanted uses decades of international commercial marketing, media and production experience to create content that brings brands and audiences together through entertainment, because the content we consume and our relationship with commercial entities are now inextricably linked.

We call it Commercial Entertainment – translating commercial goals into content born of the best in strategy, creative, production and distribution.

So far, there is no ‘app for that’.

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Wanted Consulting works with executive management, usually on a referral basis. If you're seeking highly effective marketing expertise with creative and practical production skills, this is the resource you've always wanted.