Consumers, Customers, Clients – You’re Marketing To People.

November 28, 2019
November 28, 2019 Kate Neale

Consumers, Customers, Clients – You’re Marketing To People.

Call them what you will, but the common denominator in who you sell to is that they are people. If you sell pet products, it’s likely you want to satisfy the end user, but until Fido can complete the transaction, you’re marketing to people. You’re selling to a psyche.

As such people tend to be vulnerable to emotional decision making, which means two of the most important qualities a marketer needs to be successful are emotional intelligence or EQ (emotional quantile), coupled with wisdom.  The ability to understand what motivates another person and how to meet their needs, is way more important than knowing the latest digital tool, production technique or you-beaut platform (though that’s important too).

People love automation when it delivers convenience and efficiency, especially where the emotional quotient is low in the purchase experience. But when you think of it, what purchase these days has a low emotional quotient involved?

Today’s consumer has become so mindful that every single purchase be it milk, toothpaste, cosmetics, a car, cleaning agent, insurance or video subscription is evaluated through a prism of is it good for health (personal and global), good from a financial standpoint, good from an environmental perspective, good for the image, good for career, good for the business, good for my relation?

This trend has been driven by marketers placing products in context in the lives of people, to establish a value proposition. Educating the consumer has meant the list of meaningful purchase criteria that must be considered before buying is exhaustive, but that makes people who are emotionally connected to you more than twice as valuable.

Empathy combined with life experience, translates in all areas of life where people interact and no more so than in today’s world where depth of human connection is evidently significantly eroded. These skills enable a person to console a person in emotional difficulty, provide guidance and humility where needed as a leader, orchestrate a sale to a win win position and critically for a marketer, create a connection with targeted people.

If you’re an accountant you might not recognise that automating call responses to people experiencing consumer anxiety is a false economy. If os please note the human touch is of greatest value where there is potential for consumer anxiety driven by risk, complex decision making, deadline sensitive situations and high impact scenarios. For instance a study by Michelle Shell and Ryan Buell of Harvard Business School found that while people can enjoy the efficiencies of automation, when it comes to trust and connection, they prefer to have even just the option to connect with a human and it’s a feature that can dramatically effect sales conversions.

Here’s where EQ and wisdom can be evaluated mathematically. Thoughts, feelings, emotions – that’s basically how human behaviour works, and experts estimate humans have around 2,100-3,300 thoughts per hour or 50,000-80,000 thoughts per day (subject to the expert and the subject…).

In the 70’s we were exposed to around 500 ads per day, in the modern world that’s number has expanded to around 5,000 per day. But the human brain is an extremely efficient data receiver and processor, with the human body sending around 11 million bits per second to the brain for processing, but most of the processing is not done consciously – it’s done unconsciously. It takes the brain about 1/10,000th of a second to respond to something and generate an action.

This makes the things people practice and their habits extremely important for a marketer because they train circuits in the brain to carry out some actions “automatically,” without conscious interference. So the practiced marketer with current information, EQ and wisdom guiding a specialist in the tools of technology, is far more likely to win than the specialist on the tools.

With so many competitive products and medium alternatives, marketing is a very competitive sport. Compare the marketers race to that of an Olympic swimmer where winning comes down to hundreds of a second.  In effect, every marketer is trying in 1/10,000 of a second to infiltrate the mind of their target people to:

  • ensure they see the message among 5,000 potential alternatives
  • establish relevance and value enough to pique interest that they tune into and absorb the message
  • find the message relevant and compelling enough to rise above around 2,000 thoughts so that they take action or at least create intent to take action ie. click, buy, refer, make mental note to act later

If people can evaluate a marketing message that fast, if you’re hiring a person to do your marketing, you want someone who can instantly draw upon their marketing expertise, EQ and wisdom to evaluate a marketplace and interpret data to confirm their professional instincts, rather than someone who needs data to provide direction.

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