Consulting Marketing Director and Executive Producer Kate Neale, is the driving force of Wanted Consulting, providing senior executives with strategic business and marketing management, creative and production services.

Kate draws on over 20 years diverse experience in marketing, production, creative talent and media distribution to produce marketing content and Commercial Entertainment – content of any kind strategically conceived to achieve commercial goals, while entertaining the target audience.

The ability to grasp the nuance of customer motivations and needs, distill complex concepts and develop compelling narratives, has seen Kate bring many firsts to market successfully, from the latest in digital and technical innovation, to branded entertainment and new content formats.

Specialists in tactical execution abound, but leaders know the challenge of knowing what to do next, is greater than knowing how to do it. That challenge is more difficult for those pioneering change – those who do what no-one has done and go where no-one has gone before. It requires agility, resilience and foresight. That’s when the experience of a diverse career spent at the forefront of change is indispensable.

Kate is an expert marketer, a harbinger of change and a highly effective producer. She will produce a path where there was none before. Produce communication to drive awareness, create desire and change behaviour. But most of all, Kate will produce the desired result.

So, how can Kate help you change the world?

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Wanted Consulting works with executive management, usually on a referral basis. If you're seeking highly effective marketing expertise with creative and practical production skills, this is the resource you've always wanted.