If Content Is King,
The Audience Is Your Kingdom

Research underpins the strategy and content Wanted creates because it distills the compelling value proposition and drives decisions on how to infiltrate and engage with the market to best effect.

All content is not created equal. Effective commercial content begins with a crucial understanding of the target and market landscape, that are constantly changing in response to innovation, competitive forces and a constant flow of new information!

Wanted gives market intelligence value by applying commercial experience to AI powered data, because without skilled interpretation data is just numbers.


Content Is The Vehicle,
Strategy Is The Driver

Wanted specialises in creating commercial entertainment that brings brands and their audience together through entertainment, while meeting strategic objectives of the brand.

We strive to create content that’s relevant and valued, because people invite the advertiser and their content into their space to unite effortlessly on common ground. Finding and owning that space is the result of informed strategic thinking, bolstered by creative solutions that are effectively executed.

Wanted has a simple formula for success: Have a sound strategy, work with the best to make content your audience want, put it where they will find it and be ready for their response.


Content Is The Ammunition,
Engagement Is The Target

Our need to communicate hasn’t changed, but the way we communicate has. It’s immediate, it’s reciprocal and it’s everywhere. This complex market environment presents infinite opportunity and a critical need to cut through the clutter to direct your finite resources to best advantage.

You can use Wanted in the development and delivery of creative assets for any content media. We discern what to make and how to make it; who should make it or where to get it; where to put it and when to put it there; how to get it there and how to profit from all the effort and expense.

Whether you seek to disrupt, adapt or maintain a market position, Wanted creates engaging content that’s clever and creative, always details oriented and coupled with outstanding project management.

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